Tergooi MC

Hilversum, the Netherlands

A hospital
in harmony

Starting mid-2023, Tergooi MC will provide all acute, intensive and clinical care at one central location. Back in 2011, innovations and new demands in healthcare led to the decision to build a new main location in Hilversum, in the wooded area of Monnikenberg. The new hospital offers a soft, calming and open environment for patients and staff. Nature and daylight play an important role in the design. The building features numerous windows overlooking the beautiful green surroundings.



Main entrance

Facade detail

Entrance area

Entrance area


Four buildings, one whole

Hidden in the trees are four seemingly separate building sections. On the ground floor and the first floor, however, the hospital feels like one continuous whole, because the various  sections are organically connected by wide, light, transparent corridors.

Of the original building, only the two wings remain. These wings will be renovated and will soon provide space for offices and utilities.

Four buildings

Four buildings

Conservatory-like corridors

Terrace structure with green roofs

Main entrance and Oncology Day Hospital balcony

The hospital has six patios and is surrounded by a wooded area

Technical layers

Passage runs like a spine through the entire complex

Main routes, stairs and lifts are situated along the patios

Peace and direction

For patients and visitors in the central hall, the passage gives a sense of direction. It runs like a spine through the entire complex. At the transition from one part of the building to the other, you pass through conservatory-like corridors that give you the feeling of stepping outside, among the trees. Each section also has a large patio, which ensures ample light and connection with the outside world.

In the same way, the radiology and the outpatient clinics on the ground floor are easily accessible as well. As a visitor, you only have to turn once, and you are where you need to be. This provides a sense of orientation and tranquillity. In the nursing wards, each patient has their own room, offering maximum privacy. Thanks to the low windowsills and high windows, there is always a view of the world below and of the trees and the sky.

One of the conservatory-like corridors in the passage

One of the many views of the surroundings

Connected to the heart

On the second floor, staff can easily move patients throughout the building in their hospital bed. This ensures that this kind of traffic is separate from the public traffic on the ground floor.

At the heart of the complex is the hot floor, with radiology on the ground floor and the OR department on the first floor. Due to its central location, the OR is effectively linked to care processes on all sides. This also provides tranquillity and a view, both for the patients and the care professionals.

Central passage on the ground floor

Restaurant with panoramic view of a wooded area

Waiting room for the outpatient clinic with a view of one of the patios

Consultation/examination room

Pleasant seating areas overlooking a patio

Lift area with a generous window overlooking the patio

Reception area of the Woman-Mother-Child center

Delivery room

Waiting room children's department

Patient room in the children's department

Enclosed seating areas provide a safe place for visitors



Sustainable harmony

The facades are inspired by the forest. The vertical rhythm, the bark-like vertical brickwork, the glossy aluminium that looks like leaves and the contrasts between light and dark all harmonize with the surroundings and subtly reflect the surrounding forest.

The green Sedum roofs reduce heat in summer and contribute to overall sustainability. The roofs are also equipped with solar panels that provide a large portion of the building’s energy.

Hybrid OR

Holding/recovery room

Trauma room in the Emergency Department

Treatment room in the Emergency Department

Reception area ICU department

ICU department with decentralized nursing stations

Cardiac catheterization room

Patient room CCU

“A hospital, despite its scale and complex functional requirements, must be a home in which people with all their needs can come into their own. That’s what we achieved at Tergooi.”

Jörn-Ole Stellmann

“A hospital, despite its scale and complex functional requirements, must be a home in which people with all their needs can come into their own. That’s what we achieved at Tergooi.”

Project data

Hilversum, the Netherlands
New construction of general hospital
55,000 m² GFA
2011 – 2023
Tergooi MC
Tergooi MC
Jörn-Ole Stellmann, Jarno Nillesen, Bert Muijres, Jasper Vrugte, Gert van Rijssen, Mark Kreijkes, Milee Herweijer, Stephanie Klein Holkenborg, Abel Brouwer, Martijn van de Berg, Taecke Halma, Arend van Maanen, Heleen Meinsma, Menno Roefs, Kirsten van Zeijl, Joris Alofs, Roel van Brussel, Eric Pijffers, Maurice van Dinther, Pauline Rozenbaum
In collaboration with
Royal HaskoningDHV, Deerns, abt, SVP, BoschSlabbers, ptg advies
Architectenweb Care Building of the Year Award 2023; Highly Commended WAF Awards 2023
Hanne van der Woude / William Moore / Your Captain Luchtfotografie