New health care campus for Hilversum

The new hospital for Tergooi Hilversum is part of the Zorgpark Monnikenberg health care park. The entire Monnikenberg master plan provides space for housing, care and nature for the residents of Gooi and the surrounding area. The Goois Natuurreservaat, HPG Hilversum, Merem Behandelcentra and Tergooi initiated the plan. The Zorgpark provides space for a wide variety of health care facilities and innovative health care concepts.


The characteristic woods set the tone and identity for the area. The new building is quite literally in the woods. The key task of this design job is to carefully fit the building into the landscape in conjunction with the required sustainability and flexibility.


Patient comfort is of prime importance in laying out the area; the entire area will be low-traffic and will be laid out, where possible, as a slow traffic zone. The facilities are positioned in a clear and well-organised manner, taking into account the desired relationships and joint ventures.


A substructure with patios and separate building units positioned on top determines the main structure of the hospital.


programme General hospital
client Tergooi, Hilversum
user Tergooi, Hilversum
project team Jarno Nillesen, Jörn-Ole Stelmann, Martijn van Bentum, Martijn van de Berg, Sandra Dijkstra, Taecke Halma, Arend van Maanen, Heleen Meinsma, Paul Numan, Eric Pijffers, Roy Pype, Pauline Rozenbaum
consultants Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs, PTG Advies, SVP, RoyalHaskoningDHV
design start 2011
completion 2018
gross surface 115.000 m²
durability Breeam Excellent (design)
construction organisation Traditional