Van der Valk Hotel Delft A4

Den Hoorn, the Netherlands

Hospitality between
city and polder

The Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent opened in 2016. This collaboration was so successful that we were eventually asked to design the new Van der Valk Hotel near Delft. The hotel is perfectly located on the A4 motorway, where the high-rises of Rijswijk end and the polder landscape of Midden-Delfland begins.


A gateway to the green Midden-Delfland, the hotel offers views of The Hague and Delft and also over the Dutch polder landscape, with Rotterdam on the horizon. The interplay between land and water that characterizes the polder landscape will be subtly reflected in the building—a stacking of materials, with sharp contrasts between textures and colours. In the façade, earthy, dark brick is combined with metal elements, which, like water, reflect the sunlight.

Combining knowledge

We were able to combine the client’s tremendous professional and human knowledge with our own expertise and experience. In many ways, designing a hotel is a lot like designing a care environment. Much the design is centred around complex logistic and facility processes, and in both cases, it is essential that these processes do not hinder the wellbeing of guests.

The hotel has two main volumes. An eight-story tower with 142 rooms on a two-story plinth-level building in which the entrance, foyer, kitchen, restaurant, conference and meeting rooms and delivery area are located. On the first two floors, guests will find spacious terraces facing southwest, where they can enjoy the sun. The hotel’s three-sided orientation keeps the nearby water treatment plant hidden from view. There are almost no windows facing the plant.

Enriching the environment

The Van der Valk Hotel Delft A4 does justice to everyone’s needs, both those of guests and those of employees. What’s more, the municipality of Midden-Delfland is very happy with the new hotel. It is seen as a valuable addition to the region’s hospitable, green character. In the future, there is also room for collaboration between the hotel and local agricultural entrepreneurs, which could enrich the hotel’s cuisine.

Sustainable hotel stays

Van der Valk aims to minimize its ecological footprint. The building is fully electric and gas-free. Maximum sustainability is also at the heart of the Cittaslow movement. Van der Valk will collaborate with local agricultural entrepreneurs, and all sorts of regional products will appear on the restaurant’s menu.

“This unique, intensive cooperation has yielded a wonderful result. We’ve taken another big step forward in discovering what a hospitable hotel can and should be.”

Tom Vlemingh

“This unique, intensive cooperation has yielded a wonderful result. We’ve taken another big step forward in discovering what a hospitable hotel can and should be.”

Project data

Den Hoorn, the Netherlands
Hotel rooms, restaurant, bar, kitchen, fitness centre, conference and meeting facilities
11,200 m² GFA
2017 – 2023
Delft A4 Beheer B.V.
Van der Valk Hotel Delft A4
Tom Vlemingh, Koen Arts, Joost de Jong, Wilma Hiemstra, Hratc Hovanisian, Joris Alofs
In collaboration with
Stichts Beheer, Schreuders Bouwtechniek, Linthorst techniek
William Moore