Brains Unlimited


Renowned institute for brain research


Brains Unlimited provides an understanding of the difference between the workings of a healthy brain and brain-related conditions. Brains Unlimited wants to further develop the knowledge available in the field of cognitive neurosciences, encourage the use of knowledge already acquired and stimulate enterprise in this field.


Collaboration between researchers and the business community ensures that new therapies and medicines can be developed. To facilitate this, a specialised incubator called ‘NeuroPartner’ was completed. This incubator is home to the department of cognitive neurosciences and an ultra-high fMRI scanner. It is here that knowledge institutes and businesses can use a 7 Tesla and a 9.4 Tesla full-body MRI scanner. Brains Unlimited is pursuing close collaboration with the industry sector, in particular in the fields of developing psychoactive drugs and MRI imaging. A neurophysics training institute has also been set up as part of the initiative.


Brains Unlimited is the first physical extension of the Maastricht Health Campus, where knowledge institutes and businesses will bring economic growth and global scientific recognition.


programme Institute for brain research with training and research laboratories
client Maastricht University, Maastricht Stichting Life Sciences Incubator, Maastricht
user Faculteit Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht Stichting Life Sciences Incubator, Maastricht
project team Jarno Nillesen, Frans Frederiks, Joost de Jong, Roy Pype, Bert Timmer, Tom Vlemingh
consultants AT Osborne, Arup, Poelmans Reesink
contractors Cofely, Laudy Bouw&Ontwikkeling, Siemens, Van Wijnen
photographer Leon Abraas, Kim Zwarts
design start 2009
completion 2012
gross surface 8.248 m²
durability BREEAM Very Good (design)
construction organisation Total Engineering

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