Van Der Valk Hotel


Striking and transparent


The hotel is situated at a striking location in Lent, at the fork heading towards Waalburg and De Oversteek to Nijmegen.

The new building has two main volumes. A plinth building with a car park, entrance, foyer, restaurant and meeting room centre, and a tower with rooms and a wellness centre.


The plinth structure follows the contour of the plot and points towards the new station plaza, which is yet to be built. This part of the building utilises strong building materials. The roof of this volume acts as a raised ground level. The park-like layout provides a place to relax within the hectic city. Like a sleek, polished diamond, the tower forms an interesting contrast with the structure below. The recessed reveals will be finished in different colours alternating on the top and bottom floors. A variation in openness will be created, which will change depending on your vantage point.
Altogether, an ensemble will be created that suits the surroundings, creates space and plays with transparency.


programme Restaurant, bar, hotel and conference centre
client West End Vastgoed BV
user West End Vastgoed BV
project team Koen Arts, René Geerling, Joost de Jong, Tim Loeters, Tom Vlemingh
consultants ABT, Peutz, Linthorst Installatietechniek
visualisation Wiegerinck
design start 2011
completion 2016
gross surface 10.000 m²
construction organisation Total Engineering

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