Slingeland Hospital


The new Slingeland Hospital will be built on a beautiful rural location, just outside Doetinchem near the river the Oude IJssel. As a result of land consolidation, the river terraces landscape has lost some of its finesse. The arrival of the hospital is an opportunity to return the original structure to the landscape and to enrich it with a broader biodiversity.


The building has a design of fingers that stretch out into the landscape. This approach creates a large contact surface between the building and the landscape for an optimum integration between the two. The rooms offer an optimal view of the surroundings. The curved shapes of the building tie in with the rural qualities. The hospital will be a place where nature, healthcare and architecture reinforce each other.


Between the stretched fingers, the landscape flows straight to the centre of the hospital where the entrance for visitors is located. The core contains the central hall over four layers with elevators and inviting stairs on both sides. The shape of the hall embraces the visitors who immediately feel welcomed. It offers a clear overview which makes for easy orientation. From here, all hospital departments can be reached. The basement below the central hall serves as logistics centre for the building via the elevators.


The building has an open support structure enabling a maximum layout freedom and flexibility. The building allows for a change in the layout of the building wings in the course of time. All technical facilities are placed in a separate construction layer on top of the hospital. From there the building is supplied with energy and heat. This removes the need for technical spaces on the floors of the wings to create maximum freedom in terms of layout.


It is the ambition of the Slingeland Hospital to build an innovative and sustainable hospital. The new healthcare facility will be a welcoming and modern building, a pleasant environment for patients and hospital staff. The Slingeland Hospital will structure the care process in close consultation with the healthcare chain partners such as the GPs, elderly care and home care. The work processes will be based on new insights and technologies, enabling a compact architectural space programming of the hospital. Residents, patients, businesses and organisations in the region will be involved in the new building to be realised.


The design and the layout of the innovated care and work processes will be detailed in cooperation with the various parties involved. It is expected that the final design will be completed end 2018; the start of the actual construction is foreseen for 2020. According to planning, the new Slingeland Hospital will be completed in 2023.




Doetinchem, Netherlands






38,000 m² GFA






mid 2023



Design phase



Slingeland Hospital



Slingeland Hospital



Frank Pörtzgen, Martijn van Bentum, Milee Herweijer, Maya van der Lande, Paul Numan, Joris Alofs, Geert Jan van de Rakt


Consultants competition phase

Le Far West, kopvol, a/d amstel architecten, dailymilk


Consultants realisation phase

PTG advies, RHDHV, Deerns, Studio Nico Wissing