Instituut Verbeeten


Open and intimate

A radiotherapy satellite location was developed for Instituut Verbeeten next to the Amphia Hospital in Breda. The new building and its two radiation bunkers cuts travelling time for patients living on the fringes of the catchment area. A healing environment is the main design principle.


Patients experience daylight at every step of their treatment. The shell around the building creates various patios in the waiting and treatment rooms. It forms a filter between the outside world and the building, creating a feeling of openness and privacy.


Furniture from previous decades provides the desired intimacy. The furniture was completely restored and given a second lease of life. The symbolism of “a second lease of life” is something many patients express before and after their treatment.

Shaping the atmosphere of a room can have a positive influence on the healing process. In the radiation bunkers, patients can select music and the colour of the light themselves, which reduces stress levels.


The project was nominated for the 2012 Hedy d’Ancona Award.


client  Instituut Verbeeten, Tilburg
user  Instituut Verbeeten, Breda
project team  Jarno Nillesen, Alfons van den Berg, Henk Ellenkamp, Frans Frederiks, Carl Peter Goossen, Marieke van ‘t Hoff, Gerard Kasteel, Miriam Poch, Paul Numan, Roy Pype
consultants  Aronsohn, Deerns raadgevend ingenieurs, Gebroeders Brouwer, FabriekNL
contractors  Heerkens van Bavel, Gebroeders Brouwer, FabriekNL
photographer  Kim Zwarts
design start  2007
completion  2010
gross surface  1.794 m²
construction organisation  Traditional

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