Laag Soeren

Living with a mental disability


Schreuderhuizen provides care and support to children, youngsters and the elderly with a mental disability. Normal people who have every opportunity, but also a few limitations.


The Laag Soeren site is a quiet location within the traditional ribbon development of the village centre. Small scale, involvement and individual attention for the residents are key to the design. The six residential groups house no more than seven residents. Daily life goes on in the residential groups, but the design also ensures that there is a lot of contact between the residents.


Schreuderhuizen has opted for several, small residential buildings to foster the closest possible relationship with the ‘normal’ residential environment. What’s more, contact with the natural environment is used to maximum effect and an attempt has been made to find a way to continue interacting with the village. All of this is done to ensure that residents can function in society as naturally as possible without the required care being too obvious.


programme Two new residential buildings for 24 mentally disabled people
client Stichting A.G.S.V. Schreuderhuizen, Arnhem
user Schreuderhuizen
project team Hans Beekhoven, Koen Arts, Martijn Akkerman, Gerald Kasteel
consultants De consultants, Ingenieursburo van der Werf en Lankhorst
contractors VeenBouw, Linthorst Installatietechniek, Hollander Techniek, Rijneveld, Warmerdam
photographer René de Wit
design start 2007
completion 2011 fase 1 2012 fase 2
gross surface 1.360 m²
construction organisation Traditional