Oranje Huis – Moviera Arnhem

Arnhem, the Netherlands

Open, safe
and connecting

Moviera offers advice, help and shelter to people facing domestic violence. The organization’s integral approach aims to sustainably restore safety in the families involved and to prevent the recurrence of violence. Moviera Arnhem needed a new location for its (acute) shelter and decided to commission a new construction. Having previously designed a facility for Moviera in Utrecht, we were delighted to take on this second project.

Central atrium

In the heart of society

The new building in Arnhem is located next to a residential area, with a church, gym and daycare nearby. Both in and around the Moviera building, the keywords are security, openness and coming together. Certain parts of the facility are relatively closed off to the surrounding area. This offers children a place where they can play outside safely, but the building still feels inviting and approachable.

Inviting space where residents can meet

A place to be together

In central locations throughout the building you will find inviting spaces where residents can meet, talk and share their experiences. These spaces can also be used for meetings, lectures and birthday parties. In the private family room, residents can receive their visiting partners, and together they can work on the recovery of their relationship.

Private family room

Connection and space

Children staying at the facility with their mother can play in the enclosed garden, but they can also enjoy the safety of the neighbourhood. Openness and connection with the neighbourhood were two of the client’s main requirements for the design. Clients and their children are housed in residential units situated around communal areas on each floor. Living rooms and bedrooms can be switched flexibly depending on the influx of residents. This flexibility allows Moviera to offer comfortable accommodation to clients with and without children.

Everything is aimed at helping people facing domestic violence get through their difficult time as quickly as possible, so that they can move on strengthened and with a new perspective.

Entrance with reception

Central hall

One of the guest rooms

“A warm, safe, peaceful place where people can come together and start their recovery. ”

Maarten de Werk

“A warm, safe, peaceful place where people can come together and start their recovery. ”

Project data

Arnhem, the Netherlands
31 guest rooms, offices, multifunctional spaces
2,300 m² GFA
2019 – 2022
Tim Loeters, Maarten de Werk, Geert Jan van de Rakt, Nafthaly de Graaf, Joris Alofs
In collaboration with
Van Rossum, Technion, Normned, Van Wijnen, Bectro
Hanne van der Woude, William Moore