Dimension for dementia


Publication of small-scale residential options for elderly people with dementia


Building for people with dementia is an urgent social task. And yet, we are often unsure how we should approach that.


Wiegerinck took the initiative to look into this subject further. There are a lot of questions when designing small-scale residential projects. These questions are primarily focused on the relationship between architecture and the resident’s experience. How do we establish the relationship between what a resident with dementia experiences and their living environment?


When thinking about a brain with dementia and its environment, we have to try to imagine how upsetting it is to slowly but surely lose your own identity forever. The environment becomes more and more puzzling. And yet, some things are remembered. Earlier memories of home are often very strong. But it is primarily the senses that continue working for a long time. They are the compass guiding the elderly person with dementia. It is important that all stakeholders learn to read this compass.


This publication provides a complete guide to finding design solutions.


publisher Wiegerinck architectuur stedenbouw
authors Jarno Nillesen, Stefan Opitz
published 2013
consultants Dionne Schellekens, Sylvia de Koning, Wilma Lanke, Dr. Anneke van der Plaats
order www.bol.com (€ 20)