Radiology Department St Jansdal Hospital

Harderwijk, the Netherlands


The St Jansdal Hospital, designed by Wiegerinck, was completed in 1989. The original design for the hospital consisted of a core with four articulated ‘arms’. This makes the building flexible. It can adapt as the need for space changes over the years.

The expansion of the Radiology Department, delivered in June 2021, also proved to be logistically and functionally appropriate. This expansion was necessary due to the growing demand for diagnostics and treatment with imaging equipment and the technical developments in this field. The acquisition of the Zuiderzee Hospital in Lelystad also made the expansion desirable.

Waiting area

MRI area

MRI area

Employee area

Transfer area

Corridor with employee areas on either side

Adjusting for more space

The Radiology Department is located on the ground floor, between two wings of the main building. During the design process, it turned out that there was also a need to expand the Cardiology outpatient clinic. This led to a design with a floor on top of the Radiology Department that contains consulting/examination rooms for Cardiology.

Reception area in the Cardiology outpatient clinic

Reception desk in the Cardiology outpatient clinic

Reception area in the Cardiology outpatient clinic

Corridor with consultation and diagnostic rooms and offices

Consultation and diagnostic room in the Cardiology outpatient clinic

Everything fits perfectly

The new Radiology Department houses a PET/CT scanner, two MRIs and an X-ray room. We also managed to find a place for the lithotripsy machine. In addition, a new work area for the radiologists has been constructed with eight work rooms, a consultation room and a joint consultation/work room.

Part of the old department was renovated to accommodate a new angiography room, two CT scanners and two additional rooms for mammography and Dexa scanning. The existing cardiac catheterisation room was moved to the first floor, next to the OR complex.

“With the new radiology department, we were able to add another perfectly fitting piece to the hospital puzzle.”

Inge Geurts
Project Manager

“With the new radiology department, we were able to add another perfectly fitting piece to the hospital puzzle.”

Project data

Harderwijk, the Netherlands
Extension and renovation of the Radiology Department, Cardiology Outpatient Clinic and Cardiac Catheterisation Room
2,525 m² GFA
2019 – 2021
St Jansdal Hospital
St Jansdal Hospital
Jarno Nilessen, Frank Pörtzgen, Paul Numan, Bastiaan Buurman, William Middelbeek, Joris Alofs
In collaboration with
ABT, Halmos
Hanne van der Woude