Zuidwest Radiotherapeutisch Instituut


Peace, simplicity and trust


The Zuidwest  Radiotherapeutisch Instituut (ZRTI) in Roosendaal is opening a second site. This initiative is the upshot of the collaboration between ZRTI, the Franciscus Hospital in Roosendaal and the Lievensberg Hospital in Bergen op Zoom.


The simplicity of the design depicts the building as a sculpture. The different facilities, such as the radiation rooms, diagnostics and support services, show an interplay of volumes. Each space has its own dimensions and is determined by the required facilities. Positioning the various rooms separately creates a hidden interior space, which seeks to connect with the landscape at the point where it reaches the waiting rooms.


The interior space exudes tranquillity and simplicity. Large, floor-to-ceiling glass panels ensure a practically seamless transition between inside and outside. The view is directed outside thanks to the direction in which the facade openings face. No bystanders peeking inside, thereby creating separate spaces. This gives the patient space and reassures them, so that they can prepare themselves for the meetings and treatments in a comfortable setting.


programme Centre for radio therapy
client Stichting ZRTI
user Stichting ZRTI
project team Hans Beekhoven, Koen Arts, Tim Loeters, Rogier Penning
consultants Rienks Engineering, IMD Raadgevend Ingenieurs, VOAK, Winket
constructor Hazenberg, Wolter en Dros
visualisation Wiegerinck
design start 2012
completion 2014
gross surface 1.300 m²
construction organisation Design&Build
photography  Kim Zwarts

3584_ZRTI 747-01 3584_ZRTI 747-03 3584_ZRTI 747-02 3584_ZRTI 747-04 3584_ZRTI 747-05