Burgumerheide care centre


Not have to, but can do


The theme “ont-moeten” (a play on the Dutch word ‘ontmoeten’, i.e. to meet, and the idea of ‘ont-moeten’, i.e. not having to have to do something) formed the basis for a vision on a home for people with Korsakoff’s syndrome and psychogeriatric residents.


From the vision: “If your world is increasingly shrinking and becoming more and more confusing or your memory is letting you down or you get muddled easily or you are afraid or need affection but can’t give it. If you no longer see the point in things and have lost confidence in yourself and your environment (…) wouldn’t it be nice if you could live in a place that provides support and security when required, but also gives you the space you need to be yourself. A residential environment that protects you, but that doesn’t confine you. A residential environment that gives you structure and sets boundaries, but does not exclude opportunities and challenges. A place where you feel at home, where your place in the world begins, but does not necessarily end.”


programme Open and closed residential groups, physiotherapy facilities, a day centre, restaurant, vegetable garden and carpentry workshop.
client Zorgpartners Friesland
user Zorgpartners Friesland
project team Jarno Nillesen, Taecke, Halma,  Stefan Opitz, Roy Pype, Dion Sparnaaij
visualisation Wiegerinck
design start 2011
gross surface 7750 m²
durability BREEAM
construction organisation Traditional