Parkzicht residential care centre


Spacious and adventurous


Parkzicht residential care centre was built in the 1970s. This was later extended with the Kievit and Ibis blocks of flats, built in the 1980s and 1990s, respectively. The residential care home could no longer be modified to meet current requirements.


The replacement new building includes residential care apartments, psychogeriatric units, apartments for people with multiple disabilities, flats for senior citizens and public premises. Preservation of the apartment complex put pressure on the site. As a solution, a meandering structure connects the apartment buildings, creating three urban areas.


The middle area is the entrance plaza, and the large pond there links the park to the entrance. An arcade in the plinth of the building forms the transition between the plaza and the building, and leads the visitor to the entrance. The low-rise building comprises a spacious passageway with residential care apartments, and ends in a tower block of flats. The passageway features public facilities such as a restaurant, a shop, a hairdresser’s and a cafeteria and recreation area.


programme 83 residential care apartments, 48 flats and general facilities
client Stichting Waardeburgh, Sliedrecht
user Stichting Waardeburgh, Sliedrecht
project team Frank Pörtzgen, Carl Peter Goossen, Kees Janssen, Rob van der Meer, Jörn-Ole Stellmann, Clemens Witteveen
consultants Deerns Raadgevend ingenieursbureau, Peutz, Etab 2000-10B
contractors BM van Houwelingen, Klimaatservice Holland, Unica installatiegroep
photographer Lex Hendriks, Kim Zwarts
design start 2003
completion 2007
gross surface 17.000 m²
construction organisation Traditional