TweeSteden Hospital


Outpatient clinic gives hospital a facelift


The outpatient clinic building has given a facelift to the main entrance of the TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg. The hospital now has a modern and flexible outpatient clinic. The new building exudes transparency and openness.


The functional design satisfies the ambition for an outpatient clinic where short walking routes, having an overview, transparency and expertise are paramount. Various sustainability aspects enhance the future-proof nature of the clinic. A universal construction ensures that the outpatient clinic can be used as office or living space in the future. Passive architectural measures, such as orientation, voids, projecting awnings and vertical blinds contribute to a substantial reduction in the demand for primary cooling without reducing exposure to daylight. Finally, elements such as green roofs and geothermal heat pumps are seamlessly integrated.


This project was designed and built in a short space of time under a Design & Build contract. The elaboration into a BIM model led to the desired technical integration and the high quality end result.


programme Outpatient clinics for the various specialisms at the hospital.
client BAM Utiliteitsbouw, Eindhoven
user TweeStedenziekenhuis Tilburg
project team Hans Beekhoven, Koen Arts, Alfons van de Berg, Taecke Halma, Joost de Jong, Jan de Jonge, Anton Pasman, Tom Vlemingh
consultants BAM Techniek, BAM Advies & Engineering, Deerns, DGMR, PTG Advies
constructor BAM Utiliteitsbouw
photographer René de Wit
design start 2011
completion 2013
gross surface 5.500 m²
construction organisation Design&Build