RGC de Braamberg


Tranquillity and space


RGC De Braamberg is located on a green site close to the Rijnstate Hospital. The key concepts of the design are tranquillity and space. The atmosphere and structure of the building give it a welcoming feeling.


The design is based on a large degree of flexibility. As such, the building comprises a front and a back part connected by a wide main entrance. Because of this layout, facilities can be clustered and patient streams separated. It also helps open things up and benefits orientation. The front part satisfies the ambulant function for individual treatment purposes, and the back part provides space for therapy rooms and also two open departments and one closed one.


Architecturally speaking, the building is a free-standing property in a green environment. There is a car park under the building and one concealed between the building and the edge of the woods, as a result of which cars are barely visible from the surrounding area.


programme Mental health care, ambulant care and short-term stays
client De Gelderse Roos, Arnhem
user De Gelderse Roos, Arnhem
project team René Geerling, Taecke Halma, Mathea Knulst, Peter van Leeuwen, Sil Mantel, William Middelbeek, Anton Pasman, Erwin Schaap, Clemens Witteveen
consultants Deerns Raadgevende ingenieurs, Peutz, SAB, Ingenieursburo van der Werf en Lankhorst
contractors Bouwbedrijf Gebr. vd Heijden, BAM, GTI
photographer Lex Hendriks, Kim Zwarts
design start 2001
completion 2007
gross surface 14.500 m²
construction organisation Traditional