Renovation of RadboudUMC Dentistry


Ultimate synergy between exterior and interior



Dentistry has a special mix of target groups. Next to employees and students, there are different types of patients. They are dealing with “normal” patients, but also with patients with physical and mental disorders or just anxious patients. The interior design has taken into account all these target groups and their feelings.


The building is functional, bright and well-kept. Visitors are being treated by Dentistry students, therefore the environment must exhale safety. In the design, the Japanese garden was taken as a starting point. The idea behind the garden is that a natural landscape is created in perfection. The gardens radiate calmness and serenity.


In the interior, this perfection is reflected in the clear and minimalistic layout, as well as in the choice of materials and furniture. By providing the right separations and connections between different users and a.o. classrooms, training and treatment rooms, a natural lay out providing trust and security is the result. The zoning within the workplaces also stimulates informal consultation, meeting and relaxing.


Combining natural green-blue colors with warm wood tones forms a beautiful contrast with the ‘cool’ concrete, thereby enhancing the original character of the building. Tight white furniture and casting floors are enriched with large carpets. The application of glass between adjacent spaces and also towards outside, intensifies the connection with nature and provides extra spaciousness and transparency. The whole atmosphere radiates professionalism in an environment that demands security and trust.



Nijmegen, Netherlands


Clinics square (reception desk, waiting rooms, restoration), study center, educational practice, skills lab, research laboratory and offices


25,077 m² GFA
(Renovation: 20,760 m²;
New building: 4,317 m²)


2014 – 2017




Radboud UMC


Frank Pörtzgen, Martijn van Bentum, Koen Arts en Joris Alofs


In collaboration with
Ex Interiors


European Healthcare Awards 2018: Highly commended