Sports medicine outpatient clinic, Gelderse Vallei Hospital


Expert and professional


Thanks to a very minor invasive intervention in the structure of the outpatient clinics, the existing hydrotherapy bath was transformed into an exclusive outpatient department for professional sports medicine. This department represents one of the key focal points of the Gelderse Vallei Hospital: exercise.


Led by professional sports doctor Peter Vergouwen, international athletes are supervised and treated at a level befitting an Olympian. The design satisfies the ambition in which expertise and professionalism are paramount. The clear spatial structure, maximum use of daylight, natural materials and careful lighting concept create a well-organised, transparent and comfortable environment with its own unique feel within the hospital. The architecture provides optimal support of the process of treatment and healing, from both the professional athletes’ and the doctors’ point of view.


This project was designed and completed in full in a short space of time. Working in a construction team and partly with a contractor led to an end result that was both economical and high quality.


programme Outpatient clinic for professional sports medicine
client Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei
user Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei
project team Jorn Ole Stellmann, Alfons vd Berg, Joris Alofs
consultant BOB advies
contractors Grootheest Bennekom Bouwbedrijf, Wolter & Dros, Croon
photographer Leon Abraas
design start 2012
completion 2013
durability GPR
construction organisation Traditional