Plus Ultra


Invitation to innovate


The design for the new incubator and multi-tenanted business premises on the university campus in Wageningen offers knowledge-intensive technological start-ups in the agricultural and food industry a place for research and open innovation.


Plus Ultra’ means ‘ever further’ and symbolises the drive to continue innovating. Kadans Science Partner  is developing Plus Ultra in collaboration with the Wageningen University & Research Centre on the southern perimeter of the university campus. The building has a floor area of over 7,000 m² for offices, laboratories, (partly) multipurpose technology halls and various meeting areas.


The spatial design is geared towards synergy, meeting, collaboration and open innovation. Each occupant of Plus Ultra is invited to share knowledge and collaborate on new developments. Openness, transparency and visibility play a crucial role. The central atrium forms the beating heart that facilitates this. Linked to this atrium and spread across five storeys are various meeting areas, conference rooms, pantries, flexiwork places and a number of business desks to assist start-ups.


program incubator, multi tenant building and pilotplants
client  Kadans Science Partner
users divers
team Roy Pype, Martijn Akkerman, Taecke Halma, Tim Loeters, Bert Muijres,  Rogier Penning, Martijn van Bentum, Ole Stellmann,
consultants Van Looy Group, Archimedes Bouwadvies, Buro Poelmans Reesink, C2N
photography  Kim Zwarts, Wiegerinck
visualisation Wiegerinck
start design 2014
delivery 2015
sustainability BREEAM-NL Excellent
organisation Building team


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