Sint Maartenskliniek reception building


A new look


The new reception building of the Sint Maartenskliniek adds a new wing to the existing hospital building. The entrance building was built on top of the five-storey underground car park that Wiegerinck completed previously. The new build forms a strong connection with the surrounding woods. The end result is designed to create an open and transparent feel.


The current main structure of the hospital has been continued in the new building design. The existing outline of the hospital has been extended as a central axis. The new main entrance forms the central opening of this axis. A new building volume has been developed on both sides of this outline. One volume houses the central reception, offices and an auditorium, while the second houses the outpatient clinics, laboratories and offices.


The new building sections were designed in keeping with the existing buildings to ensure cohesion within the hospital. The detailed plan is an ‘evolution’ in the existing materialisation and elevation.


programme Entrance, entrance hall, auditorium, rheumatism outpatient clinic, laboratories, offices
client Sint Maartenskliniek. Nijmegen
user Sint Maartenskliniek. Nijmegen
project team Rene Geerling, Cor vd Berg, Bas de Jong, Rinie Kersten, Bert Muijres, Erwin Schaap
consultants Croes, Verwey, Wiegerinck, Tuinen Appeltern
contractors Berghege, DKC, Alewijnse, Ginkel groep, Hermens
photographer Leon Abraas
design start 2008
completion 2010
gross surface 7.000 m²
construction organisation Traditional