UZ Leuven Oncology Centre

Leuven (BE)

The University Hospital Leuven (UZ Leuven) expressed the desire to continue consolidating its leading position in oncological care. To this end, a new oncology centre is being built on Campus Gasthuisberg. The centre will be located at the physical crossroads of the care, education, research and medical-social facilities on the campus, thus reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of oncology.


The new construction will provide room for extensions of radiotherapy, outpatient clinics, clinical trials and nursing wards. In addition, the centre will form one of the main entrances to UZ Leuven.


Incorporation into the campus, building height, daylight, orientation and connection with the hospital are leading factors in modelling the building volume. The centre’s appearance is characterised by a modest but distinctive architecture. A pure orthogonal mass is underscored by a freely designed spacious patio. The fact that the centre very conveniently faces the southwest, combined with the large voids on the lower storeys, ensures that daylight can reach all essential areas.


All design decisions are based on the ambition to create spaces that are user-friendly to a range of users. This translates into facilities, daylight, use of colour, privacy, meeting and relaxation. use of colour, privacy, meeting and relaxation.




Leuven, Belgium



Oncology Centre



19,899 m² GFA



2014 – 2021



In progress



Universitair Ziekenhuis Leuven



Tim Loeters, Hans Beekhoven, Wendy van Rosmalen, Roy Pype, Joost de Jong, Paul Numan, Abel Brouwer, Taecke Halma


In collaboration with

Royal Haskoning DHV, LOW Architecten, Instituut Verbeeten