Concentration and interaction


MSD (part of Merck) has a long history in the Netherlands in the field of research, development and the production and sales of medicines & vaccines for both man and animal. From its locations in Haarlem, Oss and Boxmeer, MSD develops, produces and distributes a range of medicines and vaccines.


In the past years, a number of organisational changes have been implemented with respect to the Oss site. On the one hand, the production facility for semi-finished products was transferred to Aspen, on the other hand a large part of the research facilities moved to the (independent) Pivot Park Oss.


Prompted by this concentration and clustering of facilities, MSD expressed the wish to assemble all its support office staff in the existing ‘KA-Carré’ and ‘KR-Toren’ buildings. In addition, the adjacent KG-auditorium building will be demolished.


On the inventory of the (remaining) need for space, it became clear that MSD needed alternative meeting facilities and spaces for encounters and informal contacts in and close to the carré and the tower buildings. The required invention was also used as an opportunity to give the office cluster a new look and to improve logistics between the carré and the tower.  The latter among others resulted in the realization of a new main entrance as well as a new atrium located between the two existing buildings.




Oss, Netherlands



New entrance and corporate conference centre



2,500 m² GFA



2015 – 2019


In progress






Tom Vlemingh, Tim Loeters, Martijn van Bentum, Roy Pype, Taecke Halma


In collaboration with

Royal HaskoningDHV, Poelmans Reesink, Florian