Maasstad Hospital


A city within a city

The newly built Maasstad Hospital is located in the Lombardijen district of Rotterdam. The location bears all the hallmarks of a neglected area on the outskirts of a post-war city. The design of the hospital and associated facilities presented a unique opportunity to redesign this area.


The master plan is based on an urban structure, part of which is the hospital building block. Next to the hospital is a boulevard with commercial and health-related facilities.


The hospital itself is a city within a city. The main structure of the monolithic hospital comprises squares and streets, six courts and the central axis of the hospital. The top floors open up the monolith, creating roof gardens.


The building has a universal construction, making the functions optimally interchangeable. The brick facade structure gives the building a robust, timeless look.


programme General hospital
client Maasstad Ziekenhuis Rotterdam
user Maasstad Ziekenhuis Rotterdam
project team Jarno Nillesen, Frans van Aken, Hans Beekhoven, Alphons van de Berg, Henk Ellenkamp, Peter van Leeuwen, Paul Numan, Stefan Opitz, Wouter Jan de Pagter, Geert Jan van der Rakt
consultants PTG Advies, ingenieursbureau Goudstikker-deVries, Royal Haskoning, Stijlgroep
contractors Ballast Nedam, ULC Groep
photographer Lex Hendriks, Kim Zwarts
design start 2001
completion 2011
gross surface 84.000 m²
Construction organisation Traditional