Indoor diving centre Seafari


Indoor underwater world


Seafari is the first indoor diving and snorkelling centre in the Netherlands, where you can go diving and snorkelling in comfortable conditions all year long.


Seafari has a circular diving pool 30 m in diameter and 12 m deep. Different routes lead divers past rock formations and other special objects. The pool is a freshwater biotope with a whole range of plants and a modest number of animals. Besides the diving pool, there are food and drink facilities, instruction rooms and a diving shop.


The design provides extensive opportunities for the use of alternative and renewable energy, sustainable materials and the (re-)use of rainwater. The ambition is to have a building that generates, recycles and stores energy.


programme Indoor diving and snorkelling center
client Seafari Indoor Duik- en Snorkelcentrum
user Seafari Indoor Duik- en Snorkelcentrum
project team Hans Beekhoven, Koen Arts, Sandra Dijkstra, Sven Katzke, Tim Loeters, Martijn van Bentum
consultants ABT
design start 2009
completion ntb
gross surface 1965 m²
construction organisation Design&Build

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