Groenhorst College


Revitalization while preserving identity

Groenhorst is an educator in the fields of animals, urban environment, horticulture, (agricultural) technology, food production and food processing, with several branches in the Netherlands. Groenhorst also provides customised courses for adults. The location on Pinkenbergseweg in Velp houses the Senior (MBO) and Preparatory (VMBO) Secondary Vocational Education programmes in the fields of nature, technology and design.


The existing school premises house three building components: the school, a detached greenhouse and a gymnasium. The current school building is a series of building parts from different years and is barely visible from the public road. Groenhorst also has an increasing need for space.


Wiegerinck is working in a Design&Build consortium on the design and execution of this task. The renovation and expansion will create a separation between MBO and VMBO, and give the school a more modern look. In the summer of 2015, Groenhorst Velp will have an updated educational facility focused on visibility, transparency and an individual identity for the different learning groups.


programme Revitalization of MBO and VMBO-school

client Aeres Groep
user Groenhorst, Velp
project team Frank Pörtzgen, Koen Arts, Bert Muijres,
Karin Wennink
consultants ABT, Unica, Verhoeven en Leenders
contractors Cornelissen, Unica, van Boekel
visualization Wiegerinck
design start 2014
completion 2015
gross surface 3.650 m²
sustainability No label
construction organisation Design & Build