Geheel en Al


Caring network for carefree people

Wiegerinck collected its views on what health care will look like in 2025 in the study Geheel en Al.


In a broad sense, ‘care’ in 2025 will not been an isolated phenomenon, but rather an integral part of our daily lives. Help with household chores and a shopping service are part of this. Care is easily available everywhere and care facilities have been integrated into towns and cities as much as possible. A healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite.nt.


Health care providers work together in health care chains that link the first, second and third tiers of health care, providing patients with proper assistance. This is not achieved by physical integration, but through communicating properly with one another and an integrated structure of health care providers.


The study goes into more detail on the set-up for geriatric care, (residential) psychiatry and care for the disabled. It also outlines a future organisational form for clinical care.

You can request a copy of the study free of charge.


programme Health care landscape in 2025
client College Bouw Zorginstellingen
project team Frank Pörtzgen, Birgit Kalms, Sven Katzke, Sil Mantel, Rob van de Meer, Bert Muijres, Stefan Opitz, Wouter Jan de Pagter, Miriam Poch, Roy Pype, Tom Vlemingh
visualisation Wiegerinck
design start 2007

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