VU University Medical Imaging Center


Clearing things up


At the VUmc Diagnostics Center, research is conducted in the best scientific tradition: it clears up complicated matters with the aim of improving health and quality of life. This research is primarily being done in isolation, without any direct patient contact. There is collaboration, however. Staff from a range of disciplines carry out this research, clearing up scientific questions as well as opening up the science to the outside world.

As we see it, therefore, the building straddles the introverted world of research with its concentration and depth and the outside world of publicity and exchange. The vision developed ensures privacy and discretion where required, but also expressly communicates with its environment. It exudes the social importance of the work being done there. Scientific research is, after all, an optimistic process that should be conducted in full view of the world.


programme Laboratory building for VUmc
client Vumc Amsterdam
user Vumc Amsterdam
project team Frank Pörtzgen, Joost de Jong, Bert Muijres, Roy Pype, Tom Vlemingh
consultants AT Osborne, Van Looy Group
visualisation Wiegerinck
design start 2012
gross surface 20.510 m²
durability BREEAM Excellent

2011-037_Diagnostich C VUmc1 2011-037_Diagnostich C VUmc2 2011-037_Diagnostich C VUmc3