Voorveldse Hof


A small-scale home in a city palace

A building with the grandeur of a city palace. A residential building with a small-scale character. This ambition is being realised for AxionContinu in the urban residential district ‘De Veemarkt’ to be constructed on the outskirts of Utrecht.

The building comprises seven group accommodations for psychogeriatric patients. It is designed within the urban boundary conditions of De Veemarkt. In terms of architecture, the aim was to create unity and peace and quiet, as well as nuance and differentiation. The living rooms with large windows facing the street are distinct from the windows of the residents’ individual rooms, thus clearly parcelling the streetscape. The grand café on the ground floor will be given its own exterior look and feel. The prominent main entrance lends a strong character to the end wall, increasing the diversity between the walls.

In addition to the subdivision into seven group accommodations, there is also a difference in scale between the individual groups. The position of the common areas is selected such that the individual rooms have been divided into four clusters of four bedsitting rooms. On the smallest scale, the building has places and seats waiting to be discovered or relaxed in. 

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