UMCG outpatient clinic


Well-thought-out and high quality

As a result of the massive increase in the number of outpatient treatments and the transition from clinical to outpatient treatment, the UMCG’s Oncology/Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic had reached its capacity limits. The outpatient clinic needed to be extended to be able to accommodate the growth in the number of day treatments.


Wiegerinck came up with a design organised around the patient. Hiding staff logistics in the background has helped to create a peaceful and clearly organised environment that exudes a sense of hospitality.


The introduction of two diagonals over the former nursing department clearly demarcates the lounge from the three treatment clusters. The open structure of the diagonals creates transparency and safeguards the interchangeability of the treatment clusters, which have been split into units.


The patient’s privacy is guaranteed by the diagonal along which ten one-person rooms have been placed. These will in future be used as short-stay units.

programme Renovation of the Oncology/Internal Medicine outpatient clinic
client UMCG, Groningen
user UMCG, Groningen
project team Frank Pörtzgen, Bastiaan Buurman, Roy Pype,
visualisation Wiegerinck
design start 2013
gross surface 1200 m²
construction organisation Traditional

2013-023_Dagcentrum UMCG1 2013-023_Dagcentrum UMCG2 2013-023_Dagcentrum UMCG3