Amphia Hospital


Designing around syndromes

The Amphia Hospital is one of the largest Samenwerkende Topklinische Ziekenhuizen with training recognition in the Netherlands. Samenwerkende Topklinische Ziekenhuizen is an association of the best clinical hospitals in the Netherlands. As a major player in the region, the Amphia has defined itself as a network organisation with various sites that enable it to capitalise on developments in the health care sector.


The Molengracht site will become the centre for regular specialist care for Breda and surroundings, and for high-quality clinical and consultant care for the entire catchment area. The new building will house emergency and intensive medical care as well as some elective care that can be scheduled. This new, state-of-the-art hospital will meet the latest requirements in terms of diagnostics, treatment and patient care.


The design meets the demand for an excellent clinical hospital with a ‘human factor’ in which small scale and patients are paramount. The different facilities will be clustered by syndrome and will each be given their own recognisable identity.


programme  General hospital
client  Stichting Amphia, Breda
user  Stichting Amphia, Breda
project team  Jarno Nillesen, Frans Frederiks, Jordy Graafland, Taecke Halma, Jan de Jonge, Mike Heemrood, Heleen Meinsma, Paul Numan, Stefan Opitz, Roy Pype, Pauline Rozenbaum, Geert Jan van de Rakt, Dion Sparnaaij
consultants  ABT, Bosch Slabbers, Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs, OTH, PTG Advies
design start  2011
completion  2018
gross surface  new building 79.300 m² Cultivation 25.000 m²
durability  BREEAM Very Good design)
construction organisation  Traditional