Van der Valk Hotel in Nijmegen-Lent has received the Sustainability Award Nijmegen Green Capital 2018. The Nijmegen Architecture Centre has set up the Sustainability Award in the year that Nijmegen has been called out as ‘Green Capital of Europe’ to raise awareness of the remarkable sustainability results.

The jury especially praises the commissioning party and feels it’s a ground for optimism that Van der Valk has opted for a genuine change of identity. “The fact that a commercial player in the hotel industry has decided for sustainability as its starting principle, is quite remarkable. All the more so because there’s no real need for the hotel to differentiate itself in the sector. The jury hopes that both in the family business and in the hotel industry as a whole, sustainable (and circular) building will become the standard as a result of this.”

Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent obtained BREEAM Excellent accreditation as well as the Green Globe certificate,  clear proof that it is one of the most sustainable hotels in the Netherlands to date.

The basis of this sustainability has been realized through a building envelope with a high energy value, among others through a high air-tightness, reflective glass and a high insulation value. The energy required for heating the building is for example generated as sustainably as possible through a heat pump.

The facade is characterized by a limited use of material with a great deal of attention to detail. The masonry piers of locally produced brick from clay from flood plain excavations of the river Waal, create a varied and receding image. Next to the local bricks, anodized aluminium frames are used, complemented by perforated panels. The sophisticated and exciting material creates an interesting contrast with the robust masonry work of the facade.

The hotel is fitted with green roofs with an accumulative effect for rain collection; the diversity of the used vegetation results in a pleasant image in each season. The rainwater is led back to the natural environment via wadis.

Other sustainability measures are warm tap water generation from residual heat of the refrigeration and freezing technology in the hotel kitchen and the application of KAT technology which cleans and reuses hot air from the kitchen extraction.

The Van der Valk family has taken further measures to support the local ecology. A bee hotel has been completed, plus 20 nesting boxes for swifts and a nest box for bats. External lighting intensity has also been adapted to ensure a minimum of pollution of the surroundings. It goes without saying that the entire hotel makes use of led lighting.

This range of measures has resulted in a Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent that is committed to a green future with sustainability in its very DNA.