Tergooi Breaks Ground on New Hospital

The construction of the Tergooi hospital at the Monnikenberg Health Park in Hilversum (NL). has started on 30 September. The Tergooi hospital is currently divided over two locations that both do not meet future requirements. In 2011 it was decided to concentrate the medical care of the greater Hilversum area in a new hospital on one location.

The characteristic Monnikenberg forest determines the atmosphere and identity of the area. The new building will be literally and figuratively situated in the forest. Together with the patios, the building is surrounded by greenery on all sides, which contributes to a healing environment.

The new building will house acute, intensive and clinical care, such as emergency care, operating rooms, intensive care, radiology, dialysis, endoscopy and day treatment – the clinic and a large part of the outpatient clinics. A small part of the current hospital will be renovated to accommodate laboratories and facility facilities.

The staff departments, the “Diagnostic Studio” for rapid diagnostics and outpatient care from the dermatology and ophthalmology specializations will be housed in a separate secondary building. In addition a parking garage will also be built close to the new main entrance, virtually eliminating all cars on the premises.

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